“The successful certification of our quality and environmental management system under DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 is an important milestone for our company. Our aim is to continue to keep pace with the times in the future as well – as quality and environmental management mean continuous responsibility on all levels. Our policies and their basic principles are confirmed by successful certification.”

Otmar M. Rau, Managing Director

GESA quality and environmental policy

Fulfilling the expectations of our customers is the overriding principle of the company. It includes harmony with the environment and with society. This is something we achieve through constant monitoring and continuous improvement of our products and services. We measure our performance / customer satisfaction mainly by the verdict of the customer. Every member of staff contributes to the quality of our services and products through his/her individual performance.

We are aware that any business activity is associated with unavoidable effects on the environment. Our focus is on constantly reducing these effects in terms of both quality and quantity. Building on adherence to the relevant statutory regulations, this includes constant development and improvement of the methods used and consideration of environmental aspects in the development of new products. Energy-saving measures are combined with innovative and renewable raw materials, thus improving the ecological balance of our production.

Our policies and the principles on which they are based are confirmed by successful certification in accordance with specification standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.