GESA wins award for sustainable projects in the area of innovation at the POPAI awards 2012

Solar-powered POS HELIX from GESA for Estée Lauder

Sustainable POS solutions, GESA’s HELIX solar-powered display – no energy costs – stylishly eco-friendly

In the context of the operational sustainability philosophy with respect to an improved CO2 balance and reduced energy costs for POS, GESA has developed a mobile display in the form of a DNA helix, which is powered exclusively by external light sources such as daylight or existing artificial ambient light. As such, no additional energy costs are incurred by the presentation at the point of sale!

The helix display is an international project that is active in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Switzerland.

GESA – Sustainable POS – P&G 2012

GESA is one of 17 companies worldwide and one of only three in Germany, which feature on the P&G list of companies with the best results on the “sustainability scorecard”.

“We take every conceivable step to help others achieve a more sustainable supply chain,” explains Larry Loftus, Director of Purchases Capability & Strategy and responsible for the P&G scorecard. Link:

GESA – Sustainable POS – L’ORÉAL

In 2011, GESA received brilliant reviews from Camille Chandes in the environmental section of French industry periodical L’Usine Nouvelle, “La Côte Carbon” for ecological wall unit displays in cosmetics. With a diverse portfolio of measures, GESA was able to achieve CO2 savings of 47% – click here to read the whole article (PDF, 249 KB). Of particular note here are the material reductions, weight savings and lower energy consumption for lighting. The savings in the environmental area were naturally achieved at no additional cost or reduction in comfort for the customer. GESA will also continue to push the boundaries for POS solutions without having to compromise on processing quality and design. At GESA, eco- POS means being stylishly eco-friendly without foregoing functionality and comfort.