„If you can’t find what you need you should invent it“ – this company maxim of GESA is the stimulus which distinguishes the company’s innovative ability.

In consideration of customer and consumer concepts, GESA has developed a multitude of innovative solutions. Many displays designed and produced by GESA have been used worldwide for the first time in retail. These include:

Innovation – Milestones

• 1st industrially produced beauty shop for the mass market – 1992
• 1st beauty shop with push feed system for Ellen Betrix – 1995
• 1st illuminated back wall in a beauty shop – 2001
• 1st prestige market supplier to introduce cold cathodes – 2005
• 1st shelf edge illuminated on several sides – 2006
• 1st beauty shop with pull-out levels – 2007
• 1st VDE-certified wall unit – 2010
• 1st use of in-house Lumisheet technology for improved lighting effects – 2011
• 1st display with solar power for mobile elements – 2012
• 1st global combined run for OPI – 2012
• 1st generic unit for a family of hair care brands – 2013

GESA is constantly developing new POS design solutions. GESA is able to look back on over 40 years of experience in the point-of-sale field, relying on German technology and design tradition.

The development department is constantly on the lookout for new production methods and innovations for materials, lighting effects and colour variations. Two important factors here for GESA are sustainability and recyclability.