Our Circular Economy Concept

GESA Form + Funktion defines the Circular Economy Concept as follows:

To keep resources in the cycle as long as possible, to recycle materials and products in their life cycle.

The value chain is closed, because the value is not lost in the cycle. The returns become the new raw material!

Plastics are versatile. Their low weight makes them irreplaceable for resource-efficient products.

A great advantage of plastics is their high recyclability. The more pure the type of collection, the higher the quality of the recycled material.

To understand and use all materials (e.g. also metal / wood / paper) as a resource.

GESA Form + Funktion will promote this change together with its customers and partners. For this purpose, a strategic program has been set up to anchor circularity in all corporate divisions.


Sustainability management

At GESA, sustainability begins as early as the selection of the materials. The concept is a common thread that runs through the entire company: from design and production to transport, recycling and the end of the lifecycle of the displays and furniture. GESA produces sustainable products.

  • Products and development methods from GESA are forward-looking due to:
    • High level of protection and preservation
    • Low weight
    • High flexibility in product development
  • Advantages for the customer:
    • Waste avoidance and recycling in the supply chain (customer, trade, consumer)
    • Low energy consumption in transport due to low material consumption
    • Other savings (material, energy) can be achieved along the supply chain

Carbon footprint

GESA’s product ecological balance software for carbon footprint calculation generates quick, reliable and certifiable measurements for our products. It offers the chance to gain insights into the product lifecycle and emissions in order to thereby identify untapped potential and opportunities for improvement. The product effects on the environment are minimised right at the start of the creation chain through ecologically sound design, to increase operational efficiency and improve co-operation with suppliers at the same time.

With the product ecological balance software, GESA is compliant with the internationally recognised standard for product carbon footprint. The tool is marketed by ECO2Initiative (www.eco2initiative.com).

GESA – Waste reduction

Reduction of waste since 2009 – 36.48% (total)

GESA – Material recycling

Increase in the recycling process for material (plastic) since 2009 = +21.95% (total)