SERVICES: Everything under one roof from the GESA POS experts

As one of the top three display builders for the cosmetics industry, it goes without saying that we cover the entire range of the value chain.

The experts from GESA Form + Funktion Displaybau GmbH offer you:

Award-winning design: Our international design teams are experts in POS design, from the first draft to 3D representation and from a rough sketch to visual and small-scale printing. GESA is constantly developing better ways to skilfully draw attention to your products. Some of the award-winning projects can be seen under News/Awards.

Bespoke marketing: Close personal contact with our customers, from the initial idea through to market installation, guarantees that their brand vision and expectations are fulfilled. Our sales staff look after customers in 47 countries, in 11 languages. Naturally, they are just as dedicated to assist you in the case of a complaint as they are in the area of service.

Innovative prototypes: From concepts and visualisations, our prototype construction team develops life-size test furniture and displays for market research and approvals. Using the rapid prototyping machine or the 3D printer, our affiliated moulding centre turns ideas into real, tangible, visual samples. One focus of development is electrification for effective lighting, moving or interactive elements, and the use of informative screens.

Ingenious value engineering: In value engineering, cumulative engineering expertise is used in a concentrated manner for innovations, cost reduction, sustainability, technical solutions and planograms. Critical factors here include flawless construction and selection of the right materials. The aim is to combine the best production technology with the right materials in order to produce the best possible result for the customer and the product.

Holistic project management: Our project managers and account operators co-ordinate the sales requirements with the different production facilities and sites in order to establish the timeframe and budget for each project, with the aid of state-of-the-art project planning, and to guarantee adherence to these.

Reliable production & logistics: The latest technologies at our production sites in Germany and China facilitate accurate work and the greatest possible efficiency. We have many years of experience in the supply and installation of large-scale projects, both in national use and in accordance with the global operational strategies of our customers.

First-class service portal: E-commerce – combined production runs – online orders. A service portal on the internet tailored to individual customer requirements with the option of co-ordinating combined production runs and entering orders directly allows a reduction of costs and effort for our customers’ project management across various regions, time zones, market sizes and market conditions. All the relevant project documents are available to all stakeholders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.