Beauty goes green! real savings, GESAs ECO friendly display reduces its carbon footprint

Real savings, GESAs ECO friendly display reduces its carbon footprint by 46% & in store electricity usage by 50%

GESA shares the vision of its global partners, and seeks to reduce its Carbon footprint in all areas of business. A joint sustainable initiative with a global customer has resulted in an ECO friendly display, with CO2 savings of 46% & a reduced in store energy consumption of 50%. New recyclable materials and energy saving design and lighting, mean that these displays use less energy, whilst still retaining premium quality, style and finish.

The excellent results have been featured in an article by the respected publication L´Usine Nouvelle in France, in its innovation & environment section; "La Cote Carbon", by Camille Chandes – click to view copy of article (PDF, 249KB). The study showed that 57% of the carbon footprint comes from the manufacture of POS displays & 32% is due to in store electrical consumption.

The entire life cycle of a cosmetic Beauty Shop was analyzed and GESA implemented energy saving measures at each stage in the manufacturing process. This included replacing metal with wood, making the unit lighter and more C02 efficient. The amount of metal used in each Eco display was reduced by 50%. Lighting in each display was analyzed, redesigned & optimized. Less bulbs and low energy light sources were used, maintaining brightness but reducing electricity consumption by 50% in store. Drawers were redesigned and made thinner without affecting the aesthetics of the display. Savings were also made in freight (9%), assembly (2%) and packaging (1%). The final result was savings of 2 tons of CO2 equivalent per GESA eco display / unit.

The entire process of analysis and innovation has produced a super-efficient display, which is less harmful to the environment and has real financial / running cost, benefits for GESA customers. This innovative design is the basis for POS displays in the future.

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