From idea to start of production – from mock-up to prototype – from vision to product

We actively provide support through the entire development process of POS solutions. Visions become ideas, which can become high-quality presentations for your cosmetic products only with the right selection of materials and processing methods. The role of our value engineering is to find the best possible technical solution. Our product is made ready for production in consideration of the aspects of customer requirements, efficient use of resources, expense minimisation, economy and innovation in order to place the focus on your product. We do everything necessary to optimise the added value in the project.

The tools for this are the specification and selection of the production process and the right materials, selection of the production sites, creation of data sets and technical drawings. The sphere of activity is rounded off with the production of visual samples in various rapid prototyping methods as well as the planning, calculation and design of lighting and electrotechnical components.

We take on the acceptances and certifications of the products in accordance with the requirements of the target market and to ensure the required quality standards.

Questioning, optimising and transferring the familiar into innovative approaches to problems – this is what our value engineering represents.